Ski, Fish, Swim, Boat right outside your back door






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This site is not affiliated with the Heritage Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. Heritage Lake Indiana dot org is independent of the Heritage Lake Property Owners Association, Inc. Heritage Lake is a lake in Putnam County, Indiana. Custom homes, Affordable homes, waterfront homes, Lake homes, lakeside homes. Rural homes, scenic resort community, low taxes, excellent schools. Amenities. The good life. Retirement homes. Retirement communtiy.
Low taxes and excellent schools in North Putnam County. North Putnam School Corporation. Floyd Township, Putnam County, Indiana, USA. We boat, we play, we fish, we swim. Lakefront homes with docks and boats. Beautiful sunrises and sunsets are abundant. Lakefront homes from $120,000.00. Lake homes from $75,000.00. Lakefront lots from $75,000.00. Offlake lots from $1,500.00. Deeds are subject to existing Restrictive Covenants. NOTICE: Restrictive covenants apply, please request a copy from your real estate agent and read and understand the restrictive covenants prior to making any purchase offer. Don't tread on me. Don't violate my rights.